Your dog is not born model, there is nothing natural in posing. The dog did not ask to be at your side, it is not a green plant, it has emotions ... That's why I use to my sauce (you will call it the way you want) the method called Positive. That is to say ?

It is a method that allows the dog to do what is expected of him, especially not to reprimand him.

Basically, for you, staying on foot is good, but for him, sniffing everywhere is as good!

It's in his genes for thousands of years. So staying on your feet to get the best shot of your best Friend is an apprenticeship and that's where I come in! From my experience in the field, I can assure you that living in harmony with your companion is a factor that really matters. I never force an animal to do this or that to satisfy my photographer's ego. I try to understand him, not to treat him as a servile being who has to guess all my whims. The positive method must set clear limits. This is to explain them and show them to the dog differently. For example, if I do not want the dog to get on the bed, he can not guess it so I draw his attention somewhere else and ask him clearly what I want. So I give him an explanation and the possibility of obeying me. I give him permission to learn and obey by cooperation, envy and motivation.

* A reward does not necessarily mean candy. To positively reinforce the behavior of his dog,

it is also rewarded by a caress, a short game or a simple soothing word.

That's why I analyze and I always observe the behavior of a dog to know which reward is adapted to his character.



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